Camp Hero, a military ruin turned state park

The giant long range radar called AN/FPS-35.

The radar overshadows abandon buildings.

Most of the buildings are gone with only the trees left.

Chain link fences no longer work..

Strange signs

Giant bunkers

Some are landscaping near an entrance of Battery 112.

Coastal view

The Bridge Golf Club in Bridgehampton, a view with a 900,000$ membership fee.
It comes with a Nathan Coley sculpture.

Google maps decoration at a doctors office, East Hampton, NY

Details of Hamilton Pool Park, Travis County, Texas

Making landscape signs at Mother Neff
Moody, TX

Cactus behind a grave in an active ghost town
Alexander, Erath county, TX

Interrupted grid in Waco, TX

Entrance to IIya Kabakov's No. 6 at the Chinati Foundation

In the center is a garden abandoned since 1993 when the piece was first opened.

Zen garden by Hiroshi Sugimoto in far west Texas at the Chinati

Plants and icons on Álvaro Obregón,
Roma Norte, Cd. de Mexico

Caves and Laptops

Here are some pictures of an exhibition I planned in Mother Neff State Park in Texas with Dain and Jordan from LIVESINNY$LA in Tyrone, PA.

RGB Forever Flag, by Parker Ito

More documentation.